George Haddad Presents Galerie Meurice

George Haddad’s vision is partner with various artists to produce art, design and music in bold new ways.  As a Singer/Songwriter “Cousin George” he has partnered with various artists for his music videos including Kalup Linzy and Nate Lowman, Richard Dupont, Sean Metelerkamp and The Bottomless Well.

George Haddad presents Galerie Meurice, located in the heart of Greenwich Village at 31 University Place.

A collector for over 20 years, George Haddad has had the unique opportunity to collaborate with artists directly via bespoke projects and establish both personal and professional friendships with a vast range of artists.

In Design, George has partnered with artist Aaron Spangler to create “The Aaron Spangler Table”. This limited edition table was cast in bronze from the “black wood” sculpture that Spangler is know for and then finished in a black patina.

Providing unique opportunities for artists exhibitions, commissions and bespoke projects as well as collector advisory and placement services,  Galerie Meurice revokes back to the early days of the New York art scene when  priority lies in the simple and passionate vision to place great art into great collections.